Tuesday, July 17

"Let the world know.." - aqilah

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah. All praise to Him and only Him. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

I got the chance to join an International Business Case Analysis, Go Ahead Challenge by the biggest bank in Malaysia as well as London, for about 6 days. 

The biggest blessing that I received from Him was not the cash prize of 3000USD, but the enormous valuable experience I gained.

Its not only the business experience that I gained, I gained a lot of experience in terms of handling the corporate world. Experience of answering questions from non-Muslims. The struggle of maintaining the good name of Islam. To let the world know, about ISLAM.

I was the only Muslim with Hijab, from 6 Muslims in the competition. These are among the questions that were asked by the foreigners from Mongolia, Philipines, Hong Kong, Cambodia,Tanzania and Singapore.

11. How many times do you pray a day? How can you be so consistent? Aren’t you tired?
22. How do you pray, do you have specific actions/words?
33. Why are you covering your whole body, don’t you feel hot in here?
44. Can you wear sports attire? Does your religion allow that?
55. Can you go and swim at the beach?
66. Why are you not joining us to go for clubbing tonight?
77. Why can’t you drink? Or eat pork?
88. You can’t touch puppies? But puppies are so cute.
99. Can we not touch you at all, not even a hug?
110. So if you can’t drink or go for clubbing, what’s your entertainment?
111. Will your marriage be arranged by your parents, can you live with that?
112. So, you can’t even touch your boyfriend, what did you do when you date?
113. So what if you skip one prayer, what happened?
114. How do you call your God, can you like talk to Him?
115. If you come to Philipines, where can we bring you? Manila is all about partying and our foods are mostly from pork.

And much more questions. 

But the hardest thing for me was to explain to them, that I can’t shake hand with guys. I kept bowing at them, like Japanese. Tell me about the weird looks I got from them, not understanding why I can’t touch them.

From that moment, I know. Allah has chosen me, to test me whether or not I’m fit enough to join the corporate world, to show the world the beauty of Islam. To prove that Muslimah with a hijab can do anything. There’s always a way, just believe in Him.

So for the past few days, I kept answering their questions about Islam. But the most response that I got was:

“I have a Muslim friend but she didn’t wear hijab and she didn’t pray. That’s why I was shocked to see you; it’s a culture shock for us”

See. The world needs us. The corporate world needs us.

We, the practicing Muslims.

Show the world that this is the real Islam.

Show the world that Muslims are not terrorists.

Show the world we are the best ummah.

The world DOESN’T KNOW. So, it is our responsibility to let the whole world know how Muslims operate.

Muslimah does not go to school to just be a housewife, or to just be in a Muslim community.

Get out from our comfort zone, its time to challenge ourselves. It is the time for women to rise. Dr Fadhilah 
Grine said the same thing during the first session of Heroes.

Wake up akhowat! The world does not evolve around IIUM only. It is not about giving dakwah to our community only. Its surrounding does not evolve around ikhwah and akhowat only.

We must show to the world that a Muslimah with Hijab can survive in any situation. Be creative, think of a solution. Don’t just give up and say,

“No, corporate world is not for me. I’d rather stay in a small company so long as I don’t have to face those challenges”

“I’m not strong enough to be in the corporate world, I’ll just become a teacher or a housewife”

Come on, you gave up so easily? Remember that this verse:

Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286)”

If our generation does not do something about this, there will never be a successful Muslimah in the corporate world that will inspire our future generations.

Remember, during the Judgement Day, He will ask all of us. What did we do to spread Islam to the world?
It is the time, for Muslim to conquer the world. And it is our turn to shine.

It is the time, to show the WORLD, what we are capable of. Trust Him, He will definitely show you the way inshaAllah.


-Aqilah Zahirah Abu Hurairah-
2nd place winner for 
International Business Case Analysis, Go Ahead Challenge by the biggest bank in Malaysia as well as London

one of my most dearest friend, close to my heart

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